Syncing db2start/stop with dqpstart/stop

Syncing db2start/stop with dqpstart/stop

Post by Ron Bog » Wed, 26 Jun 2002 06:37:57

Has anyone found a slick way to sync the instance and Query
Patroller's startup and shutdown?  Problem is QP not letting anyone by
IWM call db2stop/start.  Any way for SYSADM to do this?



1. xp_sqltrace doesn't stop when stop command given

We're trying to set-up auditing here for SQL Server 6.5 using the
xp_sqltrace procedure. When I'm in ISQL/w I can start, modify but not
stop the trace process. Has anyone seen this before? I've followed the
documentation exactly, the command to enter is:
"xp_sqltrace stop" to stop all tracing on the server. However, data is
still being written to the output file for the trace as if the stop
command had not been issued. I'm sorry if this is a beginner's question,
but please don't flame me.

Ed Beaugard

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