process has been terminated abnormally. SQLSTATE=38503

process has been terminated abnormally. SQLSTATE=38503

Post by AurĂ©lien PUGLIES » Fri, 06 Dec 2002 20:13:47

I have a stored procedure which executes a recursive query and return a
result set.
This sp fail the first time it is run...the others times, it run fine.
if someone knows how to resolve this problem...

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i hope somone can help, this really bugs me.
I have an UDF named LEXSIM which i am using on DB2 7.1 on a WIN2000
server environment. Registered it successfully, used it successfully
Lately though, it seems the UDF sometimes fails with the following

java.sql.SQLException: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0430N  User
defined function "ATTILA.LEXSIM" (specific name "SQL030404122312478")
has abnormally terminated.  SQLSTATE=38503

Then, if i try the SAME Sql-statement again immediately after, the
UDF works fine. Now i really don't think there's a problem in the UDF
since the same sql-statement (with the same data as a base)
only doesn't work sporadically. Anyone experienced the same problem
and solved it? Or anyone knows a solution?



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