Tablename qualifiers in Powerbuilder Datawindow

Tablename qualifiers in Powerbuilder Datawindow

Post by Sand » Fri, 25 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm using Powerbuilder 6.5 to access database on DB2 Universal Database
V5  through ODBC driver.

 The SQL statements in PB are coded with Table name qualifiers. The
dbnames of the columns are also prefixed with the tablename qualifiers.
It is fine, if it is a plane select without any joins.

The problem is when I have more than one outer joins, Unions, the table
name qualifier is removed. I need to export the Datawindows and add the
table names for every column selected. This is really annoying as we
keep making changes to the Datawindow as we are currently working in the
Development environment.

Could any one suggest any solutions

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1. Tablename qualifier in columns of select


Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to get the tablename
associated with the columns selected in a select statement using OCI

e.g If I have a select statement such as select employee.empno,
emptab.empno from employee, emptab is there any way by which I can get
the tablename qualifier of each column.

Also, if there is no qualifier specified in the select statement, is
there a way to get the tablename associated with the column.

OCI_ATTR_NAME doesnt seem to return the tablename qualifier.

Please help.


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