Mulit partition ESE across a MAN?

Mulit partition ESE across a MAN?

Post by aixque » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:25:52

Hello all

I wonder what the opinion here is about running a partitioned DB for
data warehousing across a MAN - are there any rules of thumb or
thoughts on this?

We want to split the data nodes across sites for high availability
reasons, but are a bit worried about the performance side effects.
Bandwidth is good, RTT is also not bad - should I worry about the
latency above all else, or are there other issues?

This is for new data warehouses, as ever there is no chance to test
properly any usage patterns - one day they'll go live, next day I
still want to have a job.

Running AIX 5.2, HACMP, v8.1 fp1.

thanks for any thoughts on this.


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