z/OS OS/390 DB2 DBA Position available in Dallas, Texas

z/OS OS/390 DB2 DBA Position available in Dallas, Texas

Post by Raul Gonzal » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 02:09:10

z/OS OS/390 DB2 DBA Position available in Dallas, Texas

Please see contact info for http://www.raulgonzalez.com

Here is the job description.

Design, develop, and maintain mainframe DB2 database administration,
scheduling services, and monitoring systems. Communicate software
status and provide quality documentation. Coordinate and assist with
the testing, installation, and implementation of new/improved software
and aid in the training of end-users. Reviews existing operational
programs for their cost effectiveness, compliance to standards, and
flexibility to meet future needs. Mentor lower level Software
Analysts, providing guidance during the research process, and training
on new products.

Bachelor's degree/technical certification in Computer Science or
related field and 3+ years of in-depth DB2 database administration
experience. Advanced knowledge of various software packages and
mainframe systems is required.

Responsibilities will include creating and executing DDL, regularly
refreshing test DB2 data, meeting disaster recovery needs, standard
Db2 maintenance such as table and index changes, reorgs and runstats,
SQL tuning and performance analysis, DASD monitoring. Good
communication skills a must. Working knowledge of TSO and ISPF a must.
Experience with DB2 administration tools such as CA Platinum a plus.
SAP R/3 on mainframe DB2 experience a plus.


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system when we've already migrated our application development system)

Thanks in advance

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