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Post by xix » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 06:44:59

i am using db2 udb v8.1 trial edition with type 4 jdbc driver, i have
this method issues.

resultset.updateObject(fieldname, object);

on rum time give me this sql exception,

SQL Exception: under construction

does this mean there is no support for this method? since i check the
documentation of the features of db2 jdbc driver, there is no
restriction on
resultset.updatexxx() on type 4 driver under construction

Post by pm3iinc-nospa » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 07:36:03

JDBC 2.1 Core API Restrictions by the DB2 JDBC Type 4 Driver
The DB2 type 4 JDBC driver supports the JDBC 2.1 core API, however, it does
not support all of the features defined in the specification. The DB2 JDBC
driver does not support the following features:

  a.. Updatable ResultSets
  b.. New SQL types (Array, Ref, Java Object, Struct)
  c.. Customized SQL type mapping
PM under construction

Post by xix » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 04:35:00

i would like to reiterate that i am using db2 v8.1 type 4 which is
called jdbc universal driver,based on the doc on the website, the
features unique to the driver include updateable resutset support.
actually i could create statement

                        statement = conn.createStatement(

and use resultset.deletRow, but i am trying to use
resultset.updateObject gives me error, so if i couldn't use this, is
there a workround? thanks under construction

Post by pm3iinc-nospa » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:53:02

i never tried the driver.
i think i read some where that you don't get any warning when asking for
an unsupported attribute (replaced by something else under the hood).
Maybe you can verify that the attribute is actually used.

I can't add more. (too limited knowledge on the topic)
i run the last beta so the doc/code may have changed.



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the table on AS400 contains Japanese data, i try to create the table
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But if i change the length of each field to 4 times of the original
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Since now on DB2 the length stored in sysibm.syscolomuns is 4 times of
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copy the table to DB2, it becomes 32 bytes long. i have key2
substr(apkey,1,6), then key2's actual length stored in
sysibm.syscolomuns, so looks like some of the fields are 4 times of
original field, some are the actual length. that causes my program
problem , because i assumes all the fiels definition must divide by 4
to get the right length .

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