establishing ODBC connection w/o UID/PWD

establishing ODBC connection w/o UID/PWD

Post by John Chilto » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I am using DB2 UDB ver 5.0 on NT 4.0 sp3.
with NT clients using DB2 connect w/ ODBC
I need to have users be able to connect from the client machine w/out
having to supply UID/PWD. I have the server set for client
authentication and trusted clients but am unable to bypass
authentication required by client machines.
What I need is essentially an anonymous connection.
Is this possible or will users always have to supply UID/PWD?
If possible then what needs to be done-- or what approach do i need to

Thanks to all in advance.

John Chilton


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I have an Access database with tables linked via ODBC to the corporate SQL
Server database. I use the Access database to perform custom queries and to
extract custom report from SQL Server. I have not any privilege to store
views on the SQL Server.

I set up an ODBC file data source (Control Panel -> ODBC Data Sources) that
connects the SQL database using the SQL Server authenticathion with Login ID
and Password entered by the user (not Win NT authentication). In this way I
can use Access as "custom queries container".

Does anyone know if there is a way to store the Login ID and the Password
without having to type them manually every time? Without saving my
credentials I can't even use the Access queries from third applications
(two-tier architecture in which Access works in the middle as data
pre-aggregator). If I try to connect an Access query via ODBC from a third
application I get  an ODBC error (becuse the queryes are based on linked
tables requiring the Login ID and pwd).

Consider that I'm more an end-user than a programmer. Does anyone can give
me an advice?


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