Query Patroller - Unexpected character

Query Patroller - Unexpected character

Post by J?rgen Perss » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 20:07:32


I have Query Patroller 7.2 DB2 FP9 on one Windows 2000 Workstation.
The patroller is configured for a local database.
If I submit a query like db2 "select state from tbc.market" through
the db2 command window (or Command Center or ...) the window Query
Enabler: New Query pops up. I select Run Now then a Query Patroller
Message window pops up stating:

Error encountered when submitting a new job.
Reason code "Unexpected character at +184.".

If I deselect "Cost analyse query" I get:

Error encountered when submitting a new job.
Reason code "Unexpected character at +195.".

The character position changes!? If I submit the same query with
iwm_submit it works fine. I don't know how to see the actual submit
command it is generating so I have no clue to what this character
position means.

Have anyone seen this before?



1. Query Patroller Error

When I start the DB2 Query Patroller for UDB7.2, in a little query patroller
message box with the number "DB29701" on it, I get the error:

Class "java/security/PrivilegedAction" not found.
Please check your classpath.

Normally that file isn't on a classpath explicitly because its part of JRE
lib stuff, but since this error asked for it, I put the rt.jar file on my
classpath and I still get the same error.  Also, I've looked for that error
code in the DB2 documentation, searched db2's online support as well as
google groups for it and I couldn't find any mention of it at all.

Has anyone seen this before or can tell my why it is complaining and wont



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