Interpreted Java Stored Procedures with DB2 on OS/390

Interpreted Java Stored Procedures with DB2 on OS/390

Post by Arnold F » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 18:14:54

I am trying to implement Java SP with DB2. I need to make it work on the
following systems : W2K, AIX, AS/400, OS/390.
I have perform some tests on W2K, AIX and AS/400 and I am about to do it
on OS/390.
Does anybody have experience doing that ?
With DB2 on OS/390, how is managed the load of the JVM for Java SP ?
With AIX and W2K, it seems it works like this :
 - the first call to the SP, the JVM is loaded and the .class are
also loaded in the 'DB2 context' : it's quite slow
 - for the next calls, the JVM is already loaded and so are the
class (?) : it's very quick
Does DB2 OS/390 behaves the same with java SP and JVM ?



1. SQLJ Java Stored Procedures with DB2 6 on OS/390


I'm trying to implement SQLJ Java Stored Procedures in DB2 6.1 for OS/390.
At the moment the procedure abnormally terminates with -430 when it tries to
get the default connection context.

In the DB2 for OS/390 Application Programming Guide and Reference for Java,
their example does not explicitly get the default context, deferring to the
default behaviour. In the Java Stored Procedures Redbook (SG24-5945-00)
however, they do explicitly call getDefaultContext() in their SQLJ example.

I tried both ways and got the same error, at my call to getDefaultContext()
when I make the call myself, and at the equivalent place in the generated
code when I don't.

Has anybody experienced similar problems? Or alternatively put, am I the
only person in the world doing Java Stored Procedures on OS/390? Any help
would be much appreciated.


Steve Lock

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