Problem w/ MS Access and DB2 Connect

Problem w/ MS Access and DB2 Connect

Post by Tony » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Here's my problem.  I'm trying to attach tables from DB2 in Microsoft
Access 95 using IBM DB2 Connect (via an ODBC driver).  Whenever I try to
attach a table whose name is longer than 16 characters, I get an error
message saying that the object could not be found.  Has anyone else seen
this before?  Does anyone know how I can get around this or fix this?

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I'm stuck on this one, and hope someone out there can tell me where to look
for answers. Here's the scenario:

On the PC side, I'm running NT4, SP4 using DB2 Connect (version 5.2, I
think) to hook via ODBC to a VM host.
On the VM side, I'm running DB2 version 5.2, and I have a table that looks
like this:


When I link this table to an Access 97 database, the last field shows as a
Memo field. Until this morning, I had no problems updating any of these
fields. In fact, the Access application was the mechanism used to update the
message field.

Anyhow, this morning, I went to update the message, and got an ODBC error
416. I then got further information from ODBC as such:

"[IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0150E Driver not capable. SQLSTATE=S1C00 (#-99999)"

I can update any other field in the table with no problems. Further, from
the VM side, I can update SY_MESSAGE easily. The stopgap method I've used is
to redefine SY_MESSAGE as a CHAR(254) field, which gets me over the hump for

My question, then, is this: Can anyone tell me, based on this message, what
piece of my software may be broken? My client's help desk is not the best,
and before I try to get the real problem fixed, I'd like to have some idea
where to turn!


Scott Saftler

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