Print & Print Setup script steps

Print & Print Setup script steps

Post by Nena » Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I have two scripts for printing my data. One is printing only the
current record, the other one all the records being browsed. I don't
want the Print dialog to show up since I don't want to allow the users
to change these two options (e.g., if the user pressed the button for
printing the current record only, they would still be able print all
the records when the Print dialog shows up, by accesing the options
from its first pull-down menu).

On the other side, I want them to be able to change their printer
settings and to cancel the script before the actual printing takes
place, so the Print Setup dialog has to show up. I am therefore testing
the status of the CurrentError after the Print Setup script step, in
case the Cancel button in this dialog was clicked. This test of the
status would really return 1 (user cancelled action), if "Restore setup
options" was NOT checked. When it is checked, and for this case it
needs to be checked because of the two printing possibilities,
CurrentError will be 0 (no error).

The whole thing would seem better if I had the ability to "Restore
setup options" for the Print dialog instead of the Print Setup dialog.
Any thoughts? Does anybody know if this is the natuaral behaviour and



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I'm running into a real pain with FMP 5.03 (Windows)not restoring the print
setup in a script. I've never had this problem up to version 5, and any
scripts I created with version 4 will correctly switch printers, page
numbers and portrait/landscape with no problem. Anything modified or
created with version 5 just won't remember the printer name, though it will
remember page numbers (eg. print page 2 through 2) and portrait/landscape
orientation. I'm trying to switch from a local printer on LPT1, a label
printer on a USB port and Winfax. I've run into this on 2 separate
machines. Anyone have a clue? At 45 bucks a call(!!)I'd rather not talk to
the folks at FM.

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