Find problem with portals

Find problem with portals

Post by Danny Dawso » Thu, 19 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I have a problem that I can't figure out.

I have a main file with a number of related files
viewed through portals on seperate layouts.

My weird problem is that I can perform a find (manually) on the
portals of the first two related records but not on the other
ones.  For the life of me I can not see any difference in the
way the relationships are set up or in the portal set up's yet
this difference exists.

Anyone have any ideas?  Any help would be gratefully recieved.


Danny Dawson


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I have a portal that initially shows all records from another database.
Now I want to go into Search-mode and type a string into one of the
portal's fields and then have it display only the records where this
search string is contained in the field.

I have based the portal's relationship on the search field and thus was
able to do this for exact matches of search string and field content.
Does anyone know if this is also possible for partial matches, like

Ulrich Mayring

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