needed - quote me on conditional pulldown menus

needed - quote me on conditional pulldown menus

Post by Greg Henderso » Sun, 14 Jan 2001 12:46:40


I have read that filemaker can do conditional pull down menus.  I have
never mastered Filemaker - so I am looking for someone to make a
"sample" template and files for the following:

First List - Year ( 1980 thru 2000 )

Second List - Make of Vehicle ( Buick - Chev -Ford - Dodge etc)

Third List - Model  ( if Buick - then LeSabre - etc - If Chev then
Camaro  and many more models ...and so on - some cases will-can be year
dependant as well)

Fourth List - Special Notes ( say - if 1995 -  Ford - Explorer - then --
is it 2 wheel drive ( 2WD or 4 wheel drive(4WD)  )

Result - give me a specific number for the above combination - say 1995
Ford Explorer 4WD could give me a unique number - however you can do it
- that number will lead me to a specific web page.

Ok - if you are interested - send me a quote - show me the cost for the
basic model with limited data ( we will get the rest of the data to fill
in the data base ) and your per hour charge for additional work for
whatever this evolves into.


Greg Henderson

ps- call me only if I have absolutely confused you and you need to know
more 519-322-2558  Leamington Ontario Canada. M-F 8:30- 4:30 est

ps - yes - I know that AAIA- APAA has the e-cat index - I am just
looking for something low cost that we can play with - I am not trying
to make a complete electronic catalogue - just a basic model to test out
on a web page - that is why I do not have a 5th list for the type of
part and a 6th list for a further reduction to the specific type of part.


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