Report Format Question

Report Format Question

Post by Ron » Tue, 03 Dec 2002 00:37:37

I am developing a treasurers system using FMP 5.5.  Within the Expense
files, there are some categories that contain sub-categories and some
which stand alone.  I have created a category/sub-category relational
file for input purposes and have added up the monthly and YTD expenses
within this file.  When I format the report, the category is a
subheader and all the sub-categories print nicely underneath.  For
those catogories with no sub-categories however, I get a category
header followed by a line with a blank subcategory which contains the
month and YTD expenses.  Is there a way to move the expenses to the
header line for those items with no subcategories?

Also, if I purchase and use FM developer to develop this further on a
PC, will I be able to deploy the resultant data files to a macintosh?


Ron Filipek


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I have the foll....

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Any Ideas...workarounds...

Please reply to me directly...


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