2nd step Modify a portal row

2nd step Modify a portal row

Post by Jean-Fran?ois Fortie » Sat, 13 Jul 2002 22:24:24

Me Again... 2nd step...

After finding my records... (see question before) I need to excecute a
script on a releated record in a portal row... but that record can be
anywhere in the portal
#1, #4 #6 #8..... who know, it's sort by date....

how can I make my modification the a specific row, when the only trigger I
have is the 1st field in the row (the month)...

Having a script going into the field.... if field="my month" DO, otherwise
next row... untill it's the one I need ????

Your help is appreciate

Merci beaucoup
Thanks alot

JF Fortier


1. 2 step DTS package - 2nd step not executing

The basic question is what sort of things might cause the
following (taken from the log file):

Step 'Copy Data from Results to [DBName].[dbo].[TableName]
Step' was not executed.


I have been working with a set of DTS packages within a VB
project and have them all working except one which comes
up with the error above.  In my short experience of DTS
even if there was a mistake, the program always tried to
run the DTS before failing and indicating an error in the
log file.   This one simply does not want to execute.

I have looked at the package compared to others in the
project (things like the SQL statements, source and
destination columns, the transformation script and all the
package and task properties).

Any thoughts on something else to check?



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