displaying search results in a page with frames

displaying search results in a page with frames

Post by FMP » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

i've just started using claris homepage with the filemaker conection assistant and it works great, except that i can't
figure out the following:

the filemaker connection assistant creates a "search_results.htm" file with links to individual records. instead of
showing a new page with the record details of one of the returned records ("record_details.htm"), i'd like to have a
page with 2 frames, the top frame containing the "search_results.htm" page and the bottom frame containing the
"record_details.htm" page. so that when i'd click on a record detail link in the top frame, it will show me the record
details in the bottom frame.

however, when i create this page with the 2 frames (containing "search_results.htm" and "record_details.htm") and i set
the search page's "-format" tag to point to the page with the 2 frames , filemaker serves this page, but it doesn't
interpret the filemaker specific html tages in the 2 frames. thus, i'm stuck with a page which shows me a lot of html,
but not the proper result.

any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance for your help.