Summary of Summary of Summary of Totals....

Summary of Summary of Summary of Totals....

Post by Alex Solan » Wed, 26 May 1999 04:00:00

Hello all....I appreciate any input since I am considering taking a butter
knife to my wrist. J/K.  What I am trying to do is get a Grand Summary of
all outstanding amount whether they are zero balances or not....currently
the only way I see anything is having a report with ALL invoices + payments
(under their columns) listed which gives me a total per customer # + name
for invoices (Sum Debit) and payments (Sum Credit).  This way I get it per
customer no problem, if I add the field "Balance" it gives me a total of all
invoices of all customer together being a FULL total no subtractions
splitting only where the customer changes but still it's the same
total...example   cust.A blah blah blah Total = 322,089.21.....cust. B blah
blah blah Total = 322,089.21, etc..  Now if I remove the body to only get
the Sub-Summary without listing all payments and invoices and put "Balance"
I get the same effect.

I have several fields that intertwine..
Amount, Shipping Charge, Credit, Balance=Sum Debit-Sum Credit,
Total....which is.... Sum(Amount)+Shipping Charge, Sum Debit...which
is....Summary=Total of Totals, Sum Credit...which is....Summary=Total of
Credit...which is the payments.

Would appreciate any input if any other information is needed..don't
hesitate to ask.  Thanx for any help.


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