FMWSC/OSX Client/Apache SSL

FMWSC/OSX Client/Apache SSL

Post by Robert Crisle » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 09:47:57

Does anyone know of any documentation available to set up Web Server
Connector and Apache SSL on OSX client? FileMaker is generous in their
documentation on this subject for Windows, parsimonious for OS X.

1. Paradox Apache and Apache-ssl Proxy document now available

Hi All,

I have finished the working draft of the Apache Proxy document. (For
those of you who are wondering what this is, it is a how to on using
Paradox along with Apache and Apache-ssl for data base enabled web sites
and secure web sites. It has been discussed extensively in the
Paradox-web group on the server). It is now up on the
Paradox resources page on our site. And with any luck we will be adding
the last piece of the puzzle, Security Guard for the Internet, tomorrow.

Please check out the document and let me know if it needs any changes
you can see. Also, as folks add experience with other proxy setups (NT
Apache-ssl, other distro's etc.) please either write it up and pass it
along to me for inclusion or write it up fully and pass it along for an
addition to the site.

I hope this helps move more folks to use Paradox as the database back
end to web sites, secure and otherwise.

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(508) 295-7350
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08071 924271
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