F4M certain layout won't print on certain printer

F4M certain layout won't print on certain printer

Post by Dick van der Kol » Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:00:00

FileMaker.....allways fun. Before, during or after(!) working hours.....

One of our database (FileMaker 4.0v3 / Mac) happens to behave odd since
the last (minor) update.

A script prints a record from a layout in database 1 and triggers a
printscript in database 2 (to print a portalled record on a certain
layout) It worked fine for years on different LaserWriters (pr0630 and

After a minor update done on a powerbook-not-connected-to-a-printer(!?)
the latter layout (the one in the second database0 won't print: a
printjob is generated but printMonitor reports that the printer does not
respond and cannot be found on the network and it reports an errorcode.
But little seconds before, the same script printed on the very same
printer. On a LaserWriter pro 630 (in the same network) the complete
printscript functions well.

1.  While building a layout, is it compulsive to have the
printersettings set before creating the layout?
2.  With an EPS-file integrated in the layout, has the fileserver
containing the original EPS-file to be accessible?

(As far as I know: NO; but this * layout drove me crazy the whole
day.  Finally I found out: Add one piece to the layout (a textstring
'shit' was enough) and somehow; the layout seemed to update itself to
printersettings or so.)

So: any suggestions about odd behavior of layouts under certain

Dick van der Kolk

PS: Yes, I removed the textstring from the layout, since it was a
invoice layout ;-)


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