FX.php traduction en fran?ais - Fx.php french translation available now !

FX.php traduction en fran?ais - Fx.php french translation available now !

Post by Le Nomade.Co » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:58:55

Pour les francophiles et francophones, nous avons traduit la
documentation sur le systme FX.php

Nous vous donnons donc la possibilite de vous renseigner sur ce systme
de fonction (FX.php) cre par Chris Hansen avec Chris Adams, traduit par
Philippe Waterloos et rvis par Michel Cool (06/07/2003).

Voir: http://le-nomade.com/francais2/fx.php


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1. FX.php

Hi there,

firstable FX.php (http://www.iviking.org/) is a really cool project,
but how do you get data from your Filemakerdatabase Unlimited
Version 6.0 on MacOS X with the fx.php class, while Websecurity
is enabled for the hosted Filemakerdatabase on another Server ?
If it's disabled everything goes fine, don't know what to do.
Well, is there a way connecting the database from another host,
while having websecurity enabled for the hosted database in filemaker
unlimited 6.0 ?

Maybe someone can help us out, and knows how to configure it.


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