After field trigger

After field trigger

Post by Fred Taylo » Sun, 06 Apr 2003 04:44:15

Is there a way to add an 'event' to a field ? For example, when I exit a
field I want to launch a script.



After field trigger

Post by Helpful Harr » Sun, 06 Apr 2003 14:39:53

> Is there a way to add an 'event' to a field ? For example, when I exit a
> field I want to launch a script.

> Thanks

Nope, not within standard FileMaker - scripts can only be run via a
button / keyboard shortcut or when opening / closing the file.

There are a few usually clumsy work-arounds, often using the Pause
command in scripts. Try going to and
search for these examples:

    Exit Field      (Mac & Windows)
    Field Exit      (Windows only)
    More Field Exit (Mac & Windows)

There are also a couple of (usually expensive) Plug-Ins that offer this
type of "run script on field exit" option. Try searching for 'Exit
Field' at for details of these.

Helpful Harry                  
"Just trying to help whenever I can."      :o)


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