Help needed with FMPro and Apple Events or Lasso/Apple Events

Help needed with FMPro and Apple Events or Lasso/Apple Events

Post by DubMaste » Sat, 06 Oct 2001 02:28:23


I need an third party opinion please

My setup:
1 (computer "A") G4 running WebSTAR 4.4 with Lasso Lasso WDE
1 (computer "B") G4 with FileMAker Pro 5 unlimited

so far I succeeded to activate Filemaker scripts on "B" by accessing a
webpage on "A"

Now I am having one problem with the Filemaker, running on "B"

On that computer I have a couple of line scripts, which are all working
fine, but once I stick them together into one script, they are not
keeping their order anymore.
the three scripts are (in that order):

1) sent Apple Event ["makekeyword","aevt","oapp"]
   (this activates an AppleScript, which is doing something to a file          
(keywords) and produces another file, (keywowrds_out) I also specified
"wait for event completion before continuing")

2) Perform Script ["Sub-Scripts", "Import Keywords"]
   (this is pretty straight forward, a script, with 'no dialog', which
is taking the in step 1 produced file "keywords_out" and imports it
into the Database.

3)  sent Apple Event ["delete keywords","aevt","oapp"]
   (an applescript, which deletes the 'keyword' and 'keyword_out' files)

Any Idea, what I could do, that FileMaker keeps the order of the

what usually happens is, that it starts fine, with the first step, but
before it is completed, it imports the keywords into the DB, which goes
very fast (because the previous step didn't complete yet, it is missing
a lot of records) and right after it finished the import, it deletes
the two files as it is supposed to do, only problem, the first step
still didn't terminate yet.

Any ideas, about how to deal with an issue like this?
This has to be running totally automatic, so, I can't really put a
pause/resume step into it.
I thought of running three steps separately, but I don't know, how I
could get the  feedback  that the script has terminated.
because only then, I should be able to activate the next step.

There is the last alternative, I could see, and that would be , sending
an AppleEvent through Lasso (computer "A") to the remote machine, which
hosts the FMPro + the scripts, but I always get errors , there, any
idea, how to hardcode an link, which sends an Apple Events to another

any help would be very much appreciated.



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Thank you,

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