quick search in value list

quick search in value list

Post by Jurgen Lemmen » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 16:43:37


I have one master file and a second file which contains some values for
a value list (projectno and project description) in the master file.
Now, I have portal in the master file with a valueless from the second
file. I only need the projectno in the master file, but for refreshing
the memory,I also display the field "project description" in the
valueless. The projectno always consists of 6 numbers. Now when I am
entering a project number, I don't scroll throughout the valueless. And
these are my questions:
1) is it possible to show the projectno and the project description, but
when I enter something, I want to scroll through the project numbers and
not through the description.
2) when I enter something in a valueless, I must enter my characters
quick, otherwise it will start a new search (within the valueless my
secondly entered character will be treated as a first entered
character). Is there some function that can remember the characters I
entered in the valueless?

Thanks in advance,

Jurgen Lemmens


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