Obtaining image name from Container Field

Obtaining image name from Container Field

Post by Andy Carles » Fri, 08 Feb 2002 06:55:17


Wonder if anyone can help. Is there an easy way of extracting the image name
from a file you have imported into a container field and putting that result
into another field.

Another department at my company needs the image reference as well as the
normal data fields on export.

Can you do this without using 3rd party functions.

Thanks in advance.



1. Image in Global container field

Fm 5.5 Win XP pro

I have a global container field set to Multimedia
In that container field I have an image .
I want to put some small buttons (related to scripts) on that image.
I want  to click on some of those buttons to indicate
where the pain is (it is an image of a gum . I make dentures)
I want to have each button set to a script that indicates what region of the
mouth hurts.
Ex. button 1script 1: lower left side bicuspid region
      button 2 script 2: upper right side second molar region
and so on....
I think I can manage all that except........
When I go to the layout mode, the image is not shown.
So I don't know where to put thet script buttons..

Is it possible to see an image in a global container field when in LAYOUT
mode ????

Thanks for you help

Claude Carlos

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