I am doing somthing wrong ......

I am doing somthing wrong ......

Post by NeoLuddit » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 05:33:59

> Sorry to bother you but I found the problem.   I had the field to close to
> the Heading, and it was trying to display it in the heading where there
> wasn't enough room.

> I'm a newbie I guess, I've only 6+ years experience !

It was either that or you had the text color set to be the same as the
background color. I had that happen recently when I tried to paste some
text copied from a web page into a field. I forgot to use paste without
style and could understand why my text wasn't showing up.


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Im trying to develop an application for pocketpc with embedded tools for vb
and the sql server ce2.0 on a machine with sqlserver 2000 and XP.

The tools and the Ce-server installed correctly according to the wizard but
I cant find any "sql server ce" on the machine. Only a folder with a "books
online" documentation.

When I try to create a database in embedded vb and run it it says something
"cant ... with activex..." when running in the emulator.

Then I tried another sample code to create a database from msdn wich stated
another errror.

Can someone please help me with some sample code to get started.

Best regards

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