merging two fields into one field with value lists

merging two fields into one field with value lists

Post by Daniel Justi » Fri, 19 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have two fields, I also have a third field that is a value list composed
of two items in a check box style. How do I merge the two fields into
checkboxes of the third field. The names of the data is identical to that of
the checkboxes. Please help with merging two fields into one field of a
check box.



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        I need help with trying to merge two text fields into just one.  A
quick search through my manual didn't show how to do this.  The only method
that I could come up with was Cut and Paste.  That takes too long to do though
with all the records that I have to do.  Is there another method to  do this??

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