Overflow Printing

Overflow Printing

Post by Rich Saga » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 00:13:18

I have a field that I need to print. Sometimes the contents fit on one
page, other times two or more pages are needed. I use a specific layout
to set up the page before I print it.

One pagers print fine. I can't recall how to get the longer documents to
automatically start a new page. I am traveling and don't have any
manuals with me. The help system that comes with FM doesn't help.

I am using 5.0 on a Mac.



1. Printing overflowing MEMO Fields in a report

When I run one of my reports with a MEMO field in the DETAIL line, Foxpro
does not change the page numbers for me when the MEMO field overflows to the
next page. For example, if I start printing on page 5 and the MEMO field is
too large to fit on page 5, Foxpro print PAGE 5 at the bottom of the
page; does the normal page break; prints the page header on the next page;
prints the remaining part of the MEMO field; but instead of putting page 6,
it puts page 5 again. On the next page, which will be page 7, it correctly
prints PAGE 7. So I miss page 6.

Has anybody got any ideas on how to correct this. Thanks for your help in


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