How to export pictures from container fields

How to export pictures from container fields

Post by <ustramoo.. » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:25:38

    I have a few pictures in a container field and I want to save to my hard
drive. Is it possible to export these by script, so that i can then email
them using SMTPit???

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I'm trying to do the following:

1) design a layout with text, data, pictures, i.e. the classic fmpro
layout that can replace a 2-4 pages printed form (i.e. an empty form).

2) create a container field and put there what is in the given layout
(or what appears in the preview) on a record per record basic (i.e. so I
get a filled form).

3) display the container through the web via CDML [fmp-image] tag, so
that I get a long jpeg image or a series of jpegs. The user then saves
the image or prints it (that is, he prints the filled form).

This way I can avoid producing PDF files and sending them over by e-mail
or http-url. The user only has to have a browser, no Acrobat reader

How do I do point 2? Is that possible with FMpro ? Do you know of some
plugin that could solve my problem?
No, a screen capture plugin won't do the job because the container field
should contain at least a full A4 size picture. If the picture I need is
larger, then I'd use two layouts each A4 and two container fields.

Many thanks in advance.

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