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I had read an article on creating an entire accounting system in filemaker
in the filemaker pro magazine back in Oct/Nov 99 by Geoff Ryle.  It
explained things well, but didn't finish it.  There was suppose to be
another article explaining the rest but I have never seen it.
Does any know if this second article was ever written and where I can get it
Or does any know of any other resources or information that explain this

1. Getting accounts NOT in account list


I am trying to figure out what I think should be simple sql statement
to retrieve rows, based on accounts, where there exists a shipto but
no billto.

A simple table with a single field, called account, which is char(8).
The account represents retailers, and there can be a chain of the same
retailer with multiple locations. The account is actually broken out
such that the first 5 chars are the account, and the last 3 represent
the specific retailer location.  The account with a 000 is the billto
location, while the 001 and greater are the shipto locations.

IE. 12345000     <== this is the billto account
    12345001     <== location 1

I need to get a list of the accounts where there is a shipto but which
don't have a billto ('000') in the table.

I thought I had it with ...

select *
from account_list
where substring(account,1,5) in (select distinct
substring(account,1,5) from account_list)
and substring(account,1,5) not in (select distinct
substring(account,1,5) from account_list where substring(account,6,3)
= '000')

Any tips would be appreciated.

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