Gotcha BACK, FM!!

Gotcha BACK, FM!!

Post by LaRett » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 23:56:31

Hi everyone,

Custom Dialog does not validate dates.  It will accept text or any
garbage even if the Input field is date format.

In addition, when entering into standard date fields, many Users were
raised entering different date formats (using dashes or periods) or
entering 2-digit years.

Wouldn't it be nice if a User could enter any date format they are
comfortable with ... whether in Custom Dialog or within regular date
fields - and that data be automatically validated, interpreted and
instantly converted?  And in the case of data-entry in standard date
fields, no scripts - no pause/resume - no plug-ins - instant validation
& conversion!  Now you can!!

CobaltSky has solved it for us! Check out this thread and download his
three great demos:


All three demos are incredible - but the third demo is absolute DATE

I'm one happy camper!


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Michael in West Hartford, CT, USA, Using OzWin II

Michael in West Hartford, CT, USA

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