Getting around max Text Field Size

Getting around max Text Field Size

Post by Joshua Wine » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 04:07:42

I'm fairly sure I already know the answer to this question, but I
thought it would hurt to ask anyway.

Is there a way to get around the size limit of 64,000 characters in a
text field? I have a database that controls a Adobe Acrobat document via
AppleScript, but I would like to still be able to search for text in the
Database rather than in Acrobat, but some of the OCR text could be over
64,000 characters, and unfortunately it would have to be all the text,
or none at all.




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I searched Google and found some suggestions, but nothing
that directly answered my question.  What is your opinion of
this scenario:

I'm designing a table that will contain the answers to about
25 multi-part questions.  It's going to require about 55 fields
in the Answers table and about 15 of them are for Comments.
If I use VARCHAR(1000) fields for Comments, that will use
up 1.5 k of my 2 k page, leaving little room for the other 40

If I use TEXT fields, will that not free up the row space?

How might that affect searches on those fields, if someone
wanted to look for answers with specific notes in comment

Would it make a difference to know that there will be few
records?  (less than 1000 records per year)

Thanks in advance for your insights.  I look forward to
seeing what kind of feedback comes out of this.
Danny J. Lesandrini

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