FM Pro, OE5, Outlook, WinFax Pro

FM Pro, OE5, Outlook, WinFax Pro

Post by John McKa » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I'm not aware of any defacto standard, although I agree that it would be great
to have many programs be able to read from and write to a common database.  The
problem seems to lie in the extremely varied possibilities of a database.  I've
designed a few FMP solutions that just use Filemaker to do all that from
Filemaker.  A contact manager can be made to send e-mail, fax, print
letterhead, etc., by using script steps and helper apps like outlook and
Winfax.  Outside of that, there's not too much I can suggest!

John McKay

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> Query!

> I'm tired of maintaining separate databases for email, general
> client info and fax info. I've got all the data on FMPro and have
> to export periodically and import into OE5, Outlook and WinFax so I have
> the same data in each db. Is there any way to get all four
> programs to refer to the same database? (Why MS didn't combine address books
> with OE5 and Outlook, and why different users can't elect to share the same
> address book in OE5, I'll never understand. What a waste of space.)

> I know this is asking a lot, but it would save headaches.

> If there is no working answer, is there a defacto multi-platform
> address book database format that all software developers have
> yet agreed upon? Someone should seize this opportunity.

> Regards,

> Chris


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1. Adding windows FM Pro 3/4 to Mac FM Pro 3 network

I'm the volunteer administrator of my church network (and also the
database support guy).

We have a half dozen Macs of various vintages using FM Pro 3.0 (With
the data files on a local Mac G3 server), and the church staff would
like to add a few windows PCs (on this network) to have access to the

A few questions:
1) I've read that FM Pro 3 & 4 use the same file format (of course i
have to rename all my macintosh files to 8.3, right?)  So I believe I
can use windows version 3.x or 4.x to read this Mac developed/hosted FM
Pro 3 database.

2) Is there a demo/trial version of FM Pro 4.1 for windows anywhere?
(I already checked on  I'd like to see what kind of
display issues we might have before we pay for the windows software.

3) Any leads on good place to find a good price for the software?
(CompUSA in my area has 4.1 for $199)

4) Has anyone tried trading in a mac license for a windows one?  (I
think we have more mac licenses than we need)

Mike Nixon

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