Printer Escape Sequences

Printer Escape Sequences

Post by Colin Banniste » Sun, 24 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Is it possible to embed and/or print esc sequences when outputting a print
file. I can't find a way.

Thanks all


1. Printer escape sequences in SE table

I would like to set up a table that contains the escape sequences for
compressed printer, etc for different printers. When I do this and select an
escape sequence from the table and attempt to print using it I get the
literal string, i.e. \033&k2s (which is exactly what is in the table - the
column is defined as a char).

If I assign the string to a char variable in the program i.e., LET xstr =
"\033&k2S" and then print using this variable ( PRINT xstr CLIPPED, "THIS IS
COMPRESSED") then the text string is printed in compressed format.

I also tried setting the value in the column to \\033&k2S (attempting to
escape the escape character) but this didnot work either.

I know I've seen this done where it works, and believe that several years
ago I did this. But for the life of me I cannot recall how.  Anyone have any
ideas and/or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Scott G. Gallup
Information Services Manager
Belle Tire Distributors
Allen Park MI

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