filemaker & fp2k help need

filemaker & fp2k help need

Post by Victoria Casso » Wed, 09 Feb 2000 04:00:00


I have been passed a fielmaker database to add to the site i have created at . The visitor would choose from the three
fields on left and a page is generated with matched businesses on the
following page This
is about as much as i know about filemaker, anybody got any help, tips,

Green Parrot Web Design
1 Latham Road
West Sussex
01243 604488
01243 605051


1. Filemaker pro 4 & html need help

I know that is is possible to open a filemaker pro database using html
and java
Im not getting it to work
Web companion is on and the sharing over tcp/ip also seems to work fine
but when i open the generated "standard.htm" is doesnt work
If someone can help, please do it asap
Please answer to my Email also
Thanks Tiba

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