File shared on web sporadically disconnects

File shared on web sporadically disconnects

Post by Jim » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 02:43:11

I have been running some web-enabled FMP dbs for a number of years.

We recently upgraded to FMP6 (from v4), and using Unlimited, on a 600MHz PC
share about 10 dbs on the web.

One of them (Frames.fp5) sporadically drops off the web.  When a web query
is made, the user gets the message:

"Unable to complete request.  File Frames.fp5 is not open."

I go to the machine running Unlimited and Frames.fp5 IS open, but apparently
unavailable to the web.  It seems like most of the time the file is in a
state where there is a recent find with 0 records found

Closing it and reopening makes it available again.

Any ideas what is going on here?



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Filemaker Server 3. Previosly we web shared the file on a Mac and had no

The problem is that Filemaker gets stuck when communicationg with the
Filemaker server (the undulating arrow icon comes up). In my tests I
experienced this occasionally and so I updated to the latest versions of
Filemaker 4.1 and the web companion. After this I had no problems. For a few
hours I had no problems but now  whenever customers try to access a database
it gets stuck. The program doesn't stop, it just gets stuck with the
undulating arrow icon still animated but with no response to any input.

Any suggestions? Please email me.

P.S.  I increased the cache to 2048KB and I am using port 591.

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