FM3 to FM5 Mac

FM3 to FM5 Mac

Post by cheshireka » Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I've been waiting, hesitantly, to update to 5. I thought I'd do so this
spring, but suddenly found that I need to immediately, so I ordered and
it should arrive in a few days.

I'm using Mac OS 8.1, 104mb physical RAM. And ample hard drive space.

I basically use FM for my own personal use. I have many files in 3.x
format - should I expect any problems with converting the older files?
Should I totally delete all FM traces before installing (except my files
of course) FMP5?

Any extension/software conflicts I should be aware of? Since I'm not
networked, should the default RAM installation after install be
sufficient? Any other gotchas?

While I'm asking questions, anyone know of a reason why the ability to
rename a field in "Define Fields" is disabled? I was trying to help
someone over the phone to import data exported from Claris Organizer and
she kept telling me that the "Save" button was disabled although I went
over and over the exact steps I use in 3.0. According to her, this
dialog box isn't different than my 3.x version. Since this isn't an
experienced user, I tried going over and over the exact steps, but
unfortunately, with the same results - the Save button never enabled and
only the "Create" and "Done" buttons being so.

So. I then had her create a new database from scratch. Name all the
fields as she wanted, that way there wouldn't be a need to rename the
fields which were imported as "f1", "f2", "f3", etc. I thought I
explained that it was necessary to drag the correct field on the right
side to match the data that would be imported on the left. First, she
said that she was unable to drag any of the fields on the right. But,
after a short while she said the data on the left did match those fields
they would be imported into on the right. And I asked several times to
verify by going down the entire list to make sure it was as she wanted.

Of course, when she finished the import, the data was not in the correct
fields. Yikes. So. After 4 hours of this (including basics of using a
Mac- like knowing where files go when you save) I thought I'd better
sleep on it and see if I can think of another strategy or possibly stall
until I get my copy of 5.

This user wants to create her own database. My thought is that it would
be simpler for her to send the file to me so I could create the database
for her.  Since I don't yet have my copy, I tried to direct her to
looking in the manual for basics, which she claims to know, however
getting beyond the Define Fields step would be nice. What pages/chapters
of the manual go into step-by-step detail about creating a database and
defining fields? I can't even recall if there was a tutorial in 3.x.

In the past I haven't had much problem with helping someone via phone
perform basic steps, but maybe I've gotten a bit rusty lately. I can't
imagine that the Define Fields dialog is that much different in these
versions, but what do I know. This is a very motivated and enthusiastic
user that is anxious to quickly get her data out of Claris Organizer and
begin working with FM since i talked her into buying FMPro instead of
using AppleWorks because of the size of her database - 3500+ records and

I apologize for this lengthy post. Any suggestions or replies are
greatly appreciated - even direct to my email



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