Plugin or method to edit graphic in FM4

Plugin or method to edit graphic in FM4

Post by Arun Math » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00

 Is there any way to edit a graphic in a container filed within FM4 with
simple brush , line, circle etc. tools. I need to be able to draw or paint
in FMP4 rather than export to a graphic program...edit the image...and
then reimport....

Any thoughts of how. Is there a plugin to do this...Thanks...



1. Fm4 email plugin

Hi everybody!

Im looking for a FM4-Plugin, to handle in- and outgoing mails in my

What I want to do, is selecting several customers already stored in the
database. Then Id like to write the concerning text and post an email to
every selected customer automatically.

The fields and scripts I will need, I can do on my own, I think ;-)

What Im asking for is a plugIn that works fine - and as there are so many I
just cant decide, which one to use!

Anyone any suggestions ?

thx in advance and keep smiling ;-)

karin link
interactive systems

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