Looking for a FileMaker Pro Programmer

Looking for a FileMaker Pro Programmer

Post by Paul Rottle » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

If you are a programmer who is very familiar with FileMaker Pro and you
are interested in developing a fairly simple database, please send me an
e-mail with your basic qualifications and your hourly rate (if one
applies).  A likely candidate would have examples of databases she or he
has developed for other clients.



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I'll post this to comp.databases.filemaker and see if anybody bites for

: Built fairly complex investment real estate company database circa 1987
: Filemaker (myself), upgraded and added layouts and features circa 1992 in

: Filemaker 2.1. (spent $20,000 on consultants).  Original, and upgrade are

: both "flat-file", scripted to act somewhat "relational").  Need to
: from ground up by year end in Filemaker 4.1 as truly relational database,

: expand on layouts, functionality, features [add cutting edge web-type
: features such as Java plug-ins, virtual reality video clips (see:
: Bamboo.com, etc.)] Want the new Filemaker database to be able to script
: sending of email, faxes, snail mail letters, etc.  Would like it to be
: up to serve itself (password protected of course) via Internet, for
: access from our several locations.  And as important as anything else, I
: want it to be "cutting-edge beautiful!!" (great graphics, buttons, etc.).

: So... the big question is: Does anyone know anyone that can make this
: happen? And... what should I budget in terms of "time" and "dollars"
: (assuming I can define exactly what I want)?  AND... Is there anyone that

: can help me "locally" (Silicon Valley area - San Jose to San Francisco,
: California?)  Please call me, or email.  In USA - Toll Free
: in Silicon Valley 408.358.8624 direct - John Citrigno, President,
: Commercial Investm
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