Grouped data / Statistics

Grouped data / Statistics

Post by Swep » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:04:43


I have a valuelist, "Source", containing several values. The valuelist
is editable for users, so i dont know how many values it containe.

Now i want to, for staticis, count the number of apperance for each
This is simpel to do with a report (grouped data), but i want to have
a static layout with more statistics (statistics of course should be
dynamic). Im counting agespan, how many applicants between age 18 and
22, 23-25 etc etc, percent of male and female applicants.

Today i have choosen five, or six, of the most common values and count
them through a relation. Somehow i belive that i must do the report
with grouped data and then use GetSummary(.. ..)???

Anyone have any suggestions?