Conditional Menus on the Web

Conditional Menus on the Web

Post by Phil Atkinso » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

does anyone have a simple example of how to set up the databases and the
CDML for let's say 3 main categories and 3 sub-categories for each main
category? The objective being for a visitor of a web site to select the main
category, and upon doing so would then see an additional listing of the
sub-categories. Thereafter a search would be made based upon both

Thanks in Advance
Phil Atkinson


1. Conditional Menus and Portals

I want to filter a portal for products in my order file. Ive two
popup-menus for caterogy1 and category2. Cat1 is based on a valuelist
from the product file and cat2 on a relationship to the same file,
marked to show only related records. This works well and cat2 only shows
values based on cat1.

The portal where the filtering shall go on is based on a relationship by
identical text calculation fields in both files (order and product

Cat1 & "PP" & Cat2 - ("PP" = carriage return)

All the related fields are indexed (on).

The result is that the records shows up if one of the catergories match,
not both as I want them to.

Any ideas?


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