problem with invoices

problem with invoices

Post by kaza » Mon, 27 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I have already posted this problem tried several suggestions but no luck so
far. In short I have 3 db'ses in fm4
1. clients
2. appointments
3. monthly invoice
clients to appointments is related
monthly invoice is related to appointments

The user uses clients (Portal to Appoinments with 2 fields: "date
appointment" and "hours" with allow creation of records to "on") to insert
appointments in appointments.
What I'm trying to accomplish is that based on a formula I called "ici"  in
Appoinments like:
           Month(Today)-Month(date appointment)-1=0;1
         ;Month(Today)-Month(date appointment)-1=-10;1 ;1 ;0)
If I do a find in Appoinments it will show all clients that showed up in a
month. Because of the search for ici=1.
But making a portal to "monthly invoice" show 3 records of  mr Jones that
came in on 3 dates last month, what I want is one name and 3 dates in
"Monthly Invoice" and I can't find a way....

I tried another suggestion that is based on a relationship called
Patient_Appoinments based on Client_id&"" &Month_no&Year_no. and it gave the
results:  for patient no 1 and date app 12-10-2000 the formula gave 1 10
But no way I can create an invoice that is based on last Month appointments
based on one client

anybody have suggestions

Thanks Fred


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I used to work with fm ver 2, now I have fm ver 4 because of the relational
I have built a database for a friend, she wants to send invoices once a
month related to appoinmentments during that month. In filemaker 2 I used
repeating fields to register the appoinments and so with the help of a
boolean expression I named i_c-i = if(Month(Today)-Month(date
I could find the invoices for the last month, just by Find ici=1.

With fm ver 4 I found I could split up the database in 5 databases that are
Clients, Insurance Compagnies, Docters, Appointments, Invoices wich are
related. But my problem is that with for example 10 apointments in one month
I can't find out how create an invoice for every client.
The appointment database produces a record for every appointment but in
invoice I want to combine all appointments from one client in one
I used a portal but I can't get it to show only records from one month.....

Thx for help

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