Dynamic Value Lists

Dynamic Value Lists

Post by Jim Seiber » Tue, 30 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Is this possible?

I have a value list that uses values from a particular field. My web
end-users want to see *only values for the last five records that they
have modified or created*. There will be 100s of records for each user,
so if no constraint is set the list will be too huge.

Is there some date function that I am overlooking that will take care of
this for me?

Any help would be appreciated.
Jim Seibert


1. Dynamic value lists (query)


I am new to Filemaker (ok, I used FM 2.0 some years ago) and I am kind
of stuck with the following problem that could be easily solved in
Access or smth else....

I would like to create a dynamic pop-up list based on a selection of
values from a related file linked through a third file: I have a list
of tasks (first file) related to a certain project. Each task can be
assigned to a certain person (second file). The selection of persons
for the value list is based on a query based on person's abilities
(third file).  How can I do it if I cannot create a relationship based
on several table columns or join through several tables in Filemaker??

Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!


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