Looking For Filemaker Programmer

Looking For Filemaker Programmer

Post by David Herma » Sun, 16 Sep 2001 09:11:21

An insurance company located near San Antonio, TX (New Braunfels exactly) is
in the process of developing in house software using FileMaker Pro 5.5 for
Windows.  The software is for policy processing as well as accounting.
Currently there are 3 programmer's (including myself) working on the project
and there is a need for a 4th person with a good working knowledge of
FileMaker 5.0 +.

At this point the system is approximately 85 % done.  The person who is
selected will help work on the many reports that are required in the
insurance business as well as the possibility of working on additions, bug
fixes and changes suggested by data entry personnel.  The ideal candidate
should also be knowledgeable in the administration of FileMaker Server 5.0
as well as Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server.


None of this work will be contracted to outside personnel since constant
communication and collaboration is needed with management.

If you're interested, please contact me via my email address below.  I am
currently a contractor on the job but they are looking for someone that is
interested in possibly becoming a full-time employee. I'll need to know what
your hourly wage or salary requirements will be as well as your level of
expertise.  Feel free to mention any other additional computer or
programming experience in your communication. They are a division of a well
known national builder of mobile homes.


Dave Herman


1. Looking for Filemaker "Pro" (programmer)

I'll post this to comp.databases.filemaker and see if anybody bites for

: Built fairly complex investment real estate company database circa 1987
: Filemaker (myself), upgraded and added layouts and features circa 1992 in

: Filemaker 2.1. (spent $20,000 on consultants).  Original, and upgrade are

: both "flat-file", scripted to act somewhat "relational").  Need to
: from ground up by year end in Filemaker 4.1 as truly relational database,

: expand on layouts, functionality, features [add cutting edge web-type
: features such as Java plug-ins, virtual reality video clips (see:
: Bamboo.com, etc.)] Want the new Filemaker database to be able to script
: sending of email, faxes, snail mail letters, etc.  Would like it to be
: up to serve itself (password protected of course) via Internet, for
: access from our several locations.  And as important as anything else, I
: want it to be "cutting-edge beautiful!!" (great graphics, buttons, etc.).

: So... the big question is: Does anyone know anyone that can make this
: happen? And... what should I budget in terms of "time" and "dollars"
: (assuming I can define exactly what I want)?  AND... Is there anyone that

: can help me "locally" (Silicon Valley area - San Jose to San Francisco,
: California?)  Please call me, or email.  In USA - Toll Free
: in Silicon Valley 408.358.8624 direct - John Citrigno, President,
: Commercial Investm
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