FMP Dev5.5 Runtime vs ODBC

FMP Dev5.5 Runtime vs ODBC

Post by Peter Teeso » Tue, 12 Feb 2002 01:25:40

This has been reported to local tech support but I wonder if anyone else
has seen this.

I've tried this on Windows 98SE and NT4.0SP5 and both give me the

Suppose you take the ODBC example distributed by FM and make a runtime
of it using the DevTool. Then copy the ODBC.imp from the FMP Dev 5.5
System folder and paste it into the runtime System folder (the one you
copied from the DevTool Runtime folder).

Now setup your ODBC DSN according to the usual instructions in the User
manual for their example.

If you run the example in straight FMPro the ODBC does the import.
However in the runtime the ODBC fails.

How did I discover this? Well I began developing an app using FMP Dev
5.x and did the same exercise for the runtime. i.e. copied the ODBC.imp
from the FMP 5.x System folder. The runtime worked perfectly.

In January I switched to FMP Dev 5.5 and the ODBC inport failed to work.
Naturally I assumed I was doing something wrong, being a relative newbie
with FM.

Finally I trapped both the errors, (FM and ODBC) and found that the FM
error was '3 - Command not available' for the Dev 5.5 runtime version of
the app.

Anyone else seen this sort of thing? Anyone else doing runtime ODBC with
FMP Dev 5.5?

It's going to be a pain to have to revert to 5.0 since I'm widely using
the nice new Get Field script step.



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