Breaking Summary by Year and Page

Breaking Summary by Year and Page

Post by Doug McKenzie-Moh » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I am new to FileMaker so please bear with me. I have created a report that
summarizes my invoices by whether they are billed, in progress or received
and then provides a grand total for these three categories. I would also
like to subdivide this report by year and have each of these years appear on
a separate page. Can someone please walk me through how to do this. Thanks
in advance. Doug

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In a report that has a group band, how can you get Paradox
to start each new group at the top of a page? For instance,
if the report groups on the Country field, then no page
would contain records for more than one country. We are
using Paradox for Windows 4.5.

Christopher Schmidt
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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