Problems with Word Documents inserted into Filemaker?

Problems with Word Documents inserted into Filemaker?

Post by Pope Scot » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone seen the problems when pasting Word documents into
Filemaker?  If you try to resize or edit the document once it has been
inserted, it completely resized after finishing that operation.
Furthermore, the text size inexplicably changes.    It won't paste the
problem size, so I have to manually resize the document. Every time I do
this, the document completely resizes and becomes completely illegible.

Has anyone filed a bug for this.

450 MHz Pentium III
NT 4 sp 4


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Hello you filemakerlovers
I have a problem
I want to export 1 record to a word letter
If I select a customer record that I want to send a letter all the data of
the client like his name and address must be copied in the letterhead.
Have you done this or is there a programme for...
and my second problem
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A list off all the letters must be appearing
thanks if you have done this before...

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