Event not handled error

Event not handled error

Post by Chris Nand » Tue, 25 May 1999 04:00:00

I have a simple perl script:

  #!perl -wl
  use Mac::AppleEvents;

  my $evt = AEBuildAppleEvent(
    'core', 'getd', typeApplSignature, 'FMP3',
     kAutoGenerateReturnID, kAnyTransactionID,
     "'----': obj{want:type(cDB ), from:'null'(), form:indx, seld:1}"
  ) or die $^E;

  print AEPrint $evt;

  my $rep = AESend($evt, kAEWaitReply) or die $^E;

  print AEPrint $rep;

  AEDisposeDesc $evt;
  AEDisposeDesc $rep;


This produces the following:

  core\getd{'----':obj {want:type(cDB ), from:'null'(), form:indx, seld:1}}
  aevt\ansr{errs:3Event not handled.2, errn:-1700}

The equivalent AppleScript works:

  tell application "FileMaker Pro"
     get database 1
  end tell

Using Capture AE confirms that both are sending the same event to the same
application.  Does anyone know what's going on?  I can successfully send
FileMaker simple events, like aevt/quit.  But this event fails with the
Event not handled error.  Any help is appreciated.



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