hit counter

hit counter

Post by bratt9.. » Tue, 05 Sep 2000 06:11:14

I'm using FMP4 for Macintosh and will publish my databases on
web. I need a hit counter for the fields in my databases. Is there
anybody out there who knows how I can do that?


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hit counter

Post by Brian Mick » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 10:52:25

> What a shame! Logging is fundamentally a database problem, wouldn't it
> have been nice if you could log to a DB, with all the various information
> nice and neat in fields, and a record per access?

> You wouldn't know it came from a database company, would you? :-(

> (Yea, I know -- they wanted to be compatible with standard log analysis
> tools. It wouldn't have hurt to have derived the textual format from the
> tuple format...)

5.x syntax

<!-- Log page hits in another database -->
[FMP-InlineAction: -db=log.fp5, -lay=web, time="{CurrentTime}",
page="This page!", browser="{ClientType}", ip="{ClientIP}", -new]



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One Way is to parse in VB the SQL-String, and
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We're using VB6, SQL 7.0 and Win 2000.


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