- Looking for a FileMaker Consultant?

- Looking for a FileMaker Consultant?

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Excelisys provides professional consulting, custom development and design
services specializing in database solutions for Web, PDA, or LAN using
technologies like FileMaker, MySQL, Lasso, PHP, and XML. Our team will work
with you to develop a plan that precisely addresses your needs, and then
build your solution, mixing elegance with practicality. Your growth and
competitive positioning are determined by how you manage and react to
information. The Excelisys team has built a solid reputation by providing
leading edge technical and business expertise. You take care of today, while
we help you prepare for tomorrow. Excelisys is your long-term technology

Contact us today for a no-cost initial consultation!

EXCELISYS - http://www.excelisys.com

  V: 866-592-9235 (USA Toll Free Sales)
  V: 574-273-5805 (Direct/International)
    " Your Long-Term Technology Partner "
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We need some help!  We have a Filemaker Pro network at our business (all
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J. Patrick Altes
Falcon International

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