Multi User becomes Single User - HELP!!

Multi User becomes Single User - HELP!!

Post by Glenn Schwand » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Create a FileMaker database with no fields and no records called
OpenTarget.  Create a script "Open" with 2 steps:

Open ("TargetDatabase")  -  Select this database using the Hosts button in
the Open dialog box.  It must be open on the host at the time.

Close ("OpenTarget")

In edit/preferences/document/general, select Perform Script "Open".

: P.S. I also read here that starting a remote FM form across the network
: a Windows shortcut is NOT a good way to launch the file.. They said use a
: small script to access the Host from the workstation.. Can someone please
: give me an example of how to do this?.  Thanks again for any help!


1. single user/multi user mode error messages

Our dba group has the impression that while a particular database
is in multiuser mode, dbcc will report errors that are not really
errors.  They are asserting that if the same database is placed in
single user mode the errors do not appear and therefore are false.

Msg 2506, Level 16, State 3
Table Corrupt: The values in adjust table should be in ascending order starting from the end of the table
(page#=4754  row#=2); check adjust table in this row
Msg 2596, Level 16, State 1
Page pointer = 0x1e3d800, pageno = 4754, status = 0x101, objectid = 520388923, indexid = 0 has an
incorrect pgfreeoff value of 2001. The offset should be 1478.

These databases were placed in single user mode and renamed for a better
naming convention.  We were not able to successfully take them out of
single user mode until we recycled Sql Server 6.0.

* Are there similar experiences out there?
* Are there instances where you have seen errors that are not really errors?
* Does it even matter?  If the errors are being reported, they need fixed regardless, right?

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